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Trixi Lou was my mother's 'stage name' so to speak; her alter ego, the character she created so she could be a little snarky, a little silly, and poke a little fun, all in love. 

My mother was ripe with creativity. She loved the arts, saw the world in watercolors, and always wanted to push the envelope. She had a sharp tongue and knew how to push buttons. But she also knew how to keep herself in check in order to build connections, show up for her people, and love them well.


She could say the thing to wreck your day but she wouldn't (to your face) hardly ever (without good reason).


So she created space for herself. A space where she could be as snippy and harsh as she desired but also so vulnerable. Always admitting she saw and valued you and loved you.


She cut out photographs from tabloid magazines, got a fresh pack of college ruled notebook paper, a glue stick, a sharp #2 pencil, and a spool of red yarn. She brought her wit and ability to read those closest to her like a book. She paid attention, knew the details of you and your life, so she put those down on paper and made a few jokes. Some were references only you and she would understand, some made everyone giggle, and some were about the beauty she could see in you, paired with photographs. 

"Trixi Books" were always made in celebration of a milestone. They were an ode to the person being celebrated; an observance of someone she loved. To receive a Trixi Book was to be seen, and to be seen by my mother was the greatest gift.

Trixi Books are my mother's legacy.

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